River Grove Memory Care

Find some peace of mind and let River Grove be your memory care solution.  Our small, tidy campus has an intimate feel.  Our community model is unique, too.  We house residents in thoughtfully designed cottages based on their stages of memory loss.  Many resident’s thrive under this model because they live among peers with similar cognitive abilities. Dementia, among other forms of memory loss, is progressive in nature. Therefore, seniors may need greater care as they age. Our model allows us to meet those needs as they arise.  We offer a harmonious blend of privacy, safety, security, and community. Collectively, these elements create a comfortable environment that supports the aging journey.

Our Mission

Our philosophy at River Grove is to build on a person’s strengths and encourage personal independence.  We promote a well-rounded lifestyle for each of our residents in a secure and loving atmosphere.    


As parents age, life starts to look different.  Different challenges come into play, like changes in medical status and transitions from one home to another. We are here to help. Our hardworking team of professionals bring a passion for supporting those with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.  Primarily, our goal is to support the daily living activities of residents in order to maximize their wellness and enjoyment. We also prioritize individual’s independence and dignity.  Reach out today to set up a tour!

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A review from a former family member (August 5, 2021):

“You provide so many wonderful experiences for your residents!!!  My sister… lived there when you were going through all the renovations of your different houses and the new management took over…You had everything running smoothly with so much social interaction!! I love seeing your photos and how engaged, happy and content your residents appear in their new homes. Your outdoor areas are so beautiful, too. You are a blessing in your community!!”

happy residents outside of river grove memory care where everyone feels welcome