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Samantha Borden, Executive Director

Samantha has been in the senior living industry for 12 years, bringing a wealth of experience to River Grove Memory Care. She realized early on that giving hope and compassionate care to seniors and their families was her life’s mission. She set out to learn as much as she could about elder care and the operations of a senior living community by learning each role thoroughly. She started out in the care field as a Certified Nurse’s Aide then went on to be a Certified Medication Technician and Medication Technician Trainer. She later excelled in her role as Resident Care Coordinator. Due to her high standards and commitment to excellence in that role, Samantha was promoted to River Grove’s Executive Director over a year ago. She believes deeply that a job worth doing, is a job worth doing well. River Grove has thrived under her leadership because she ensures well thought out care to each resident with a supportive atmosphere for our families as well as our staff. She invites you to come visit our community and feel the River Grove difference.


Tara Slemons, RN, Health Services Director

Tara has served in the senior living industry for almost 8 years and is a proud US Veteran. She began her career working in housekeeping, then continued on into the Caregiver and Medication Technician roles. In those roles, she worked closely with several professional and dedicated Registered Nurses and decided to further her career in nursing as well. She earned her nursing degree while serving in the armed forces, graduating with honors. We are very proud of Tara’s achievements and the excellent services she provides to River Grove residents.


Nicole Williams, Community Relations Director

Nicole has enjoyed a career in the senior living and care industries for over 20 years. She brings a plethora of experience to her field. Early on, she enjoyed a career as a Certified Nurse’s Aide and Unit Secretary for Peacehealth Sacred Heart University District. Later, she relocated to Southern California to pursue a career in Community Relations within the senior living industry working for companies like Emeritus/Brookdale, Holiday Retirement and A Place for Mom Inc. In the last year, she returned to Eugene to be closer to family and was elated to join the River Grove Team as their Community Relations Director. She says River Grove shares her same ideals, passion and love for seniors and she feels like she is home.


Sherry Hogan, Resident Care Coordinator

Sherry Hogan is a natural nurturer and loves caring for others. She has spent over 20 years in the senior care and senior living industries. Initially she started her career as a Certified Nurse’s Aide and then went on to be a Certified Medication Technician. She realized that serving others in the CNA and CMA roles were important work and wanted to extend her reach to help more residents with her high standard of care and professional approach. She set a goal to become a Resident Care Coordinator and shortly joined our team here at River Grove in 2017. Since Sherry’s time here, she has done an impeccable job and added incredible value to our resident’s care and our staff’s professionalism.


Vickie Swanger, Business Office Manager

Vickie began her career in the senior living industry over 14 years ago here at River Grove. Initially she was hired onto the housekeeping team and worked her way up. Over the first four years she served in the Receptionist role and then as the Food Services Manager. Through her devotion to our seniors and strong work ethic, Vickie was promoted to Business Office Manager and has been serving in this capacity for the past 10 years and counting. She says it’s worth it to do a job well done and see our residents and families smile.


Scott Hanson, Activity Director

Scott has enjoyed a successful career in the Senior Living Industry for the past 5 years. His motivation and passion for his work come through the reward of seeing even the smallest fracture of light or spark of enthusiasm come into a senior’s eyes through one of his programs. He develops and coordinates his activities and volunteer programs by assessing his resident’s interests along with incorporating well proven programs to ensure a meaningful and fun calendar. He says getting to know each resident individually and taking time to listen to their story helps him discover new ways to bring fun and excitement to the community. Scott’s aim is to help our residents cherish the memories they have, while creating new ones every day.


Noel Roberts, Food Services Manager

Noel has been in the culinary industry for over 10 years. She began as a prep cook and through her hard work over the last 10 years, she was promoted to our Food Services Manager here at River Grove. As a child, Noel remembers cooking with her Grandmother. When she entered the work force she knew she wanted to be a Chef without question. Noel says that food is universal and no matter what a person’s cultural background is or where they live, food brings people together. Bringing connection through cooking is what Noel loves most about serving our residents here at River Grove.


Mark Perkins, Maintenance and Safety Director

Mark has almost 40 years of experience and has been fixing things since he can remember. Mark’s ideal is to serve others while enjoying the work that he loves. In his role here at River Grove, our residents and their safety come first. Mark embodies our values and the standard of excellence we uphold and is an integral part of our Team.